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SHEMFORD's Head Office in Delhi — the nerve-centre of SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools helps the SHEMFORD branches to implement the well-researched and personally-developed in-house ShemEduMAX™ System of Education & Curriculum. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools basically follow the CBSE syllabi, within which, flexibility of methodology and the use of experiential learning systems is encouraged. This approach helps to eliminate the need of learning by memorization and develops a healthy and positive attitude towards learning. SHEMFORD System of Evaluation takes into account the individual nature of every child and tries to give an adequate feedback on the student's learning without putting undue pressure on him/her. As the child progresses through the classes, the assessment is gradually modified to prepare him/her for external tests and competitive exams.

The core of SHEMFORD is a unique multi-tier educational programme - ShemEduMAX™, which aims at providing an 'Innovative Curriculum', taught through 'Engaging Methods' with 'Personalised Assessment' in a 'Conducive Learning Environment'.

The 'Core subjects' are supplemented with 'Career skills', 'IT skills' & 'Lifelong learning skills', each of which have an important part to play in the lives of our students.

The following options are available to the students who pass standard 10th in the coming years.

Science Stream

Medical & Non-Medical Stream
English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics/Computer Science/Physical Education.

Commerce Stream

English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics/Computer Science/Physical Education.

Preschool/Pre-primary (Junior) Wing

SHEMFORD has one of the most comprehensive Pre-Schooling Programmes. Our Preschool Wing is very comprehensive in its approach with personalised attention, provision of healthy, nutritious and hygienic meals for the little ones, stress on good habits, etiquettes and extra help for the difficulties of the children. Parents appreciate the satisfaction that comes from knowing that their children are in a professionally supervised environment and are being taught by caring and capable mentors & facilitators in a safe and happy environment.

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Shashi Singh
Manager's Shemford Futuristic School, Sultanpur, UP

There were few thoughts, thoughts became ideas and ideas transformed into an initiative called Shemford Futuristic School, Sultanpur, where we thrive and reach for excellence. I feel highly elated addressing all, it is my pleasure and proud privilege to serve as the Director of SFS, Sultanpur. I feel it is a matter of honor and great pride.


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