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1. Why should I opt for SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools?

SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools are known for creating a healthy, congenial and ideal learning environment to promote the overall development of children. We aim at making learning interesting, engaging and motivating through our unique, in-house and futuristic ShemEduMAXTM System of Curriculum and Education. SHEMFORD is a place where "learning is beyond the four walls of a classroom and teaching is beyond the pages of a book".

2. Are SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools recognized?

Yes, SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools are recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

3. Are SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools English or Hindi medium? Whom are they affiliated with?

SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools are English medium & co-educational Senior Secondary Schools, affiliated to CBSE.

4. Do you have qualified teachers?

The teachers are qualified as per CBSE norms and are selected from the crème de la crème of the teaching fraternity.

5. At what time of the year do the schools usually accept students?

Admission at SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools depends upon the academic session usually followed in the particular area where the branch is located.

6. What is the admission procedure followed at SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools?

The admission process is very simple at SHEMFORD. The students should apply on prescribed application form available either online or from the school office. They will be asked to take a written test [exempt for pre-primary].

7. Do SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools admit students from other State Boards?

SHEMFORD welcomes students from all corners of India. However, the students from other State Boards are required to clear the written test and should fulfill the eligibility criteria laid down by CBSE.

8. Do SHEMFORD Schools admit students from overseas?

Yes, children of NRIs and those from overseas are also offered admission at SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools.

9. What is the Fee structure of the School?

Fee Structure varies from branch to branch. Please visit branch page for detailed information about the fee structure.

10. What are the streams of studies offered to the students studying at SHEMFORD?

The school has on offer Science and Commerce streams at the Senior Secondary level.

11. What are the subjects of study for different streams?

For Science stream, the school offers English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Mathematics & Physical Education. For Commerce stream the subjects offered are English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics & Physical Education.

12. Is there stress on spoken language?

Yes, we encourage our students to converse in English.

13. What facilities are available at SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools?

SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools provide all the facilities that should be available in a modern & progressive English medium school. Besides huge playgrounds, spacious classrooms, well-stocked library, well-equipped audio-visual room, computer labs and science laboratories, the schools also boast of a homely environment for children to bloom exquisitely. Facilities for playing Volley ball, Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, and Badminton have also been provided in the campus.

14. Do SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools provide school transport?

School transport is available at various branches. However, the charges may vary as per the distance and from branch to branch.

15. How are the students assessed and evaluated?

We use the evaluation system prescribed by the CBSE Board.

16. How are parents informed about the progress of their wards?

SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools have developed a special software – ShemFAST – through which parents can keep a track of their children's activities by simply logging in to the ID provided by the school. All the remarks and progress reports sent by teachers are also available online on ShemFAST. Besides this software, parents are also informed regularly about their ward's progress through the school diary. They can also meet the teachers at the PFMs, which are held 4 times in a year or whenever required, with a prior appointment.

17. How many languages are taught in the school?

Yes, we have Language Development Labs where English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi and French are taught to the students. If children wish to opt for any other language, they can do so with the Principal's authorization.

18. What is the average class size?

Average class size would be around 25 to 30 in each class.


Shashi Singh
Manager's Shemford Futuristic School, Sultanpur, UP

There were few thoughts, thoughts became ideas and ideas transformed into an initiative called Shemford Futuristic School, Sultanpur, where we thrive and reach for excellence. I feel highly elated addressing all, it is my pleasure and proud privilege to serve as the Director of SFS, Sultanpur. I feel it is a matter of honor and great pride.


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