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  • ShemEduMAX™ Programme

    The core of SHEMFORD is a unique multi-tier educational programme – ShemEduMAX™, which aims at providing an 'Innovative Curriculum', taught through 'Engaging Methods' with 'Personalised Assessment' in a 'Conducive Learning Environment'. The 'Core subjects' are supplemented with 'Career skills', 'IT skills' & 'Lifelong learning skills', each of which have an important part to play in the lives of our students.

    Designed by award winning educationists of India, ShemEduMAX™ is a unique and powerful proprietary system that infuses life and purpose into school education. It has been developed after many years of in-depth research and firsthand teaching experience. The essence of ShemEduMAX™ is best captured by its motto- Bringing School Education Alive!

    Conducive Learning Environment:

    SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools are child-focused, aesthetically designed and adaptive with a view to promote learning, support collaboration and provide a personalised and stimulating environment to all. The school design extensively integrates progressive technology in teaching, such as virtual classrooms, wireless equipment, interactive technologies and mobile devices, in addition to the internet and high-quality digital learning resources.

    Innovative Curriculum:

    The curriculum is designed to make learning creative, interesting, interactive and engaging, through a system which is constructive, comprehensive, practical and futuristic. Emphasis is laid on learning basic life-skills such as self-dependency, critical thinking and decision making, thereby preparing children for global challenges and also inculcating in them the right values and ethics from India's rich culture while instilling a passion for life-long learning.

    Engaging Teaching Methods:

    SHEMFORD teachers have the support of the ShemEduMAX™ System, supplemented with regular teacher trainings on research based 'best teaching practices' and the use of technology to make learning more interesting and interactive.

    Personalised Assessment:

    SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools are powered by a multifaceted assessment system, offering instant and automatic scoring and teacher feedback on class interaction, with the aim to provide educators with the essential assessment information they need to help every student to succeed.

    Practical in approach, innovative in methods, scholarly in content and global in scope, ShemEduMAX™ is a powerful system that is balanced and holistic in its approach to school education.

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    Shashi Singh
    Manager's Shemford Futuristic School, Sultanpur, UP

    There were few thoughts, thoughts became ideas and ideas transformed into an initiative called Shemford Futuristic School, Sultanpur, where we thrive and reach for excellence. I feel highly elated addressing all, it is my pleasure and proud privilege to serve as the Director of SFS, Sultanpur. I feel it is a matter of honor and great pride.


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